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Pointing fingers 25 5, 11:24pm

'@dracuella' Well you have to admit, we the whole Nordics are practically a singular country, if you compare us to non-Nordic countries. :) All videos that say, for example, that "10 things you should be aware about when visiting Sweden" actually applies to all Nordics. Many Danish homes have Oras kitchen tabs and Abloy locks from Finland and many Finnish homes have Danfoss valves in their their radiators at home. And of course those damn Legos, autch! :D

Differences between Nordic countries are no bigger than differences between regions in Finland. We are all eating each other's foods and some of them we don't know that who really came up with it at the first place. Like Näkkileipä/Knækbrød. In bad economical times, we are among the 20 richest countries in the world. In good tides, we are on the top ten. I believe every Nordic country has at least one year been ranked to happiest nation in the world. Nordics are always, without exception, always presented in Top 10 happiest countries, most on Top 5.