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Bike it off 22 6, 7:32am

As a dane coming from a biking family, and now living in southern California, it's actually scary to be on your bike over here. And that's even with the city I am in being a "bike friendly" city. Having the "bike lane" be essentially the caution area for cars and having them use it as an extra lane when turning right makes me scared some times to bike around here. And I also hate the fact that cars don't understand that it is the bloody bike lane and honk at you when you are waiting to go straight and it is a red light. And if that isn't enough the police is often against us, on many occasions stopping up PROFESSIONAL bike groups that are riding according to the law, simply because they fill up the entire bike lane and the officer doesn't understand the laws... And if you can't go fast on your bike, or be good at dodging cars, it is a legitimate threat to your health
Rant over
In short I am not surprised that people over here don't bike, it is basically a counter culture and you are really only safe on bike routes where cars are 100% not allowed.