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Bike it off 22 6, 8:48pm

@SuicideParker Yeah but that's Vermont; that's like half-way a Nordic state anyway ;) Considering the climate and general politics, Vermont probably fits in better over here. You should just move the entire state to Northern Europe :D

I have to say that my experiences of bikes in SoCal were not impressive either. Or walking, for that matter. Some of our friends got stopped by the police for walking to the shops... they were very puzzled.
Also last year while on holiday in the Keys we rented a house on Key Largo. The house came with bikes you could use, which we were very pleased with. However when we talked to the lady who handed us the keys and showed us around, she mentioned that she didn't know about the state of the bikes since they're hardly ever used because "well you KNOW only a certain kind of people ride bikes, right?"
We didn't know the kind of people she was referring to, and picking up on our puzzled expressions she made a gesture as if she was drinking from a bottle.
So that's clearly the only reason to ride a bike in Florida: If you've lost your driver's license -_-