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Brexit to the right 29 6, 3:52am

Oh, by all means, it is. I'm not debating that.

In fact, I want this country to go down the shitter now. I want Scotland to leave the UK, I want Ireland reunited. I want Little England to be left on its own to suffer.

I can't wait to watch the Leave voters struggle to find someone else to pin the blame on when they still can't get jobs, houses, when they still have to wait weeks for doctors' appointments. I can't wait for them to start whinging because we didn't sacrifice the single market by ending free movement, to grumble when they're stuck for hours in the queue for non-EU passports at the airport. I can't wait for them to realise their pensions have substantially decreased, and that they can't just retire and fuck off to the Costa del Sol any more. I can't wait for them to awkwardly shuffle and tell their foreign coworkers and friends "but it wasn't personal" as they watch them struggle to obtain visas, as they watch them leave the country because they no longer feel welcome. I want them to drink their own fucking tears.