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Brexit to the right

Brexit to the right

Nobody knows how to make history like England.

28th June 2016

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39 M
8 months ago #9497045        



Please do one about how they then lost to Iceland in the EURO 2016 :)

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8 months ago #9497124        



Let it be a lesson for democracy: A vote is a vote. It has consequences. Don't vote for someone just because he said something funny on TV. You never know which part of his program he really will make comme true.

And don't redo the referendum until you get the result you like. It just kill the principe of democracy where the mind of everyone is taken into account.

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27 M
8 months ago #9497718        



Saying that chaos will entail is just outright bollocks and a lie. Unfortunately for you Humon you do not seem to understand how the EU is operating and how the Euro is fucking up everything. The EU is not democratic. It is directly anti-democratic.

There WILL be uncertainty, yes. There will be economical uncertainty, yes. If that is your definition of chaos, I wonder what you would define it as if a country went into a state of anarchy.

This is what happens when you blindly follow what the media and politicians say. Not to mention bankers. Bankers ALWAYS have an agenda: Money. If you can't figure that one out, then you are not even listening to the other side of the argument.

But, like in 1972 and 1994 when Norway were thinking of joining the EU, we voted no. Both times. Both times the EU used moronic scare and fearmongering saying that hundreds of thousands of jobs would be lost, economical turmoil and lots of people would become homeless. Well. They were wrong. On both occasions. And so far, they have for the most part been wrong on a whole plethora of issues.

I am sorry, but this is bullshit. I cannot support a state that is turning anti-democratic and using fascist tactics to silence the opposition.

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8 months ago #9497495        



Kind of guessed Humon would be on the Anti-Leave side.

I'm disappointed as Humon manages to mostly be objective and make a comic which both sides of an issue can laugh at. Things that she could have done to do so would be to include Wales being on England's side here as they voted for leave as well. And we in Norway aren't panicking. We're a bit worried, a bit scared, but we aren't panicking. Actually what is happening is that some in Norway are now pressing for a discussing to leave the EEA and join a trade-deal like Switzerland has now. Various people have proposed this. Our politicians are against Brexit and most of the media, but I find that most of us Norwegians are for Brexit or we're split on it. And though Norway might be bit against Brexit, all the other EFTA-nations are saying this brings oppurtunity.

Other things would be to include countries that would like to follow Britain's example, like the French who are discussing an exit, the Dutch who are discussing and exit, the Czech republic who are discussing an exit and even Belgium which is discussing an exit. Or that a certain non-European country *cough**cough*Turkey*cough**cough* is about to join and wants to flood Europe with their.... "workers".

And of course, you should have Russia in the background smugging and folding his hands saying "Goood, gooood". Have Scotland and Ireland cry over the result demanding a revote, threatening to leave Britain, while Wales and England celebrate, high fiveing and with the BBC which speculating that this will trigger the end of the world.

And I'm surprised, and disappointed, that Switzerland is not in this comic. They're also outside the EU. Iceland who is also outside the EU, would also be supportive as you have the Icelandic president praising Brexit and saying it's good for Norway. ( That would fit well into this, having Iceland trying to calm down a very nervous and uncertain Norway

All this would make for a better comic which both sides of the debate could laugh at and enjoy.

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8 months ago #9497302        



-We must arrange a new referendum until we get a result I agree with!
-Doesn't that defeat the idea of democracy?
-What?! NO!
-Think it sorta does.
-NO! Democracy is about people thinking the way I tell them to think!
-Uh, that sounds like fascism---
-IT'S NOT!! Don't disagree with me, you fascist!

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8 months ago #9498095        



Let get some things straight:
- Everything said in the comic is true (no this is not up for debate)
- a large part of the pro-brexit vote was based on racism, misinformation, and fascist like nationalism
- The EU is not and never was oppressing you, nor is it undemocratic
- 53% of a vote is not a large enough majority to justify a decision like this ESPECIALLY when when Scotland voted "no" universally and many people are coming out stating they did not understand the true meaning of the vote. That is not true Democracy, that is a technically of votes base misinformation and English bias.
- There needs to be a another vote, one where all three kingdoms of the UK being on board with the idea and there is at least a 60% majority pro-Brexit for it to past. The and only then can you claim is the democratic will of British people, in till the you call of democratic are completely hollow.

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8 months ago #9497687        



This is a time for celebration. England having the guts to stand up to the fourth Reich is an inspiration to all of us to do the same. Down with the EU

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8 months ago #9501136        



Oui out
Nether Again
Angaleave Merkel

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8 months ago #9498782        



This cartoon is ignorant;

Norway is part of Schengen and the Scandinavian Council. We are members of neither and have no wish to be like Norway. Under EFTA, 20% of EU rules apply to Norway - but it can veto any rule under EFTA pillar, so any rules applying to it are negotiated beforehand to avoid veto. This is much better than QMV in EU.

And the UK also has oil

Scotland did not vote to stay in the UK to be part of the EU. However, it did agree it was part of one nation. It can not, therefore, argue that it is a separate nation under this poll. For better, for worse - they agreed to be together. Spain and France have vetoed any separtist negotiations.

Under the Vienna Convention all migrants living in either Europe or the UK may continue in place. It would be a violation, moreover, of the ECHR and UN Charter to expel them. This is not our intention. To scaremonger on this basis is quite fascist and unacceptable.

It is unlikely that freedom of movement, or participation in the Erasmus scheme will be affected.

The biggest problem with this cartoon is how unfunny and alarming it is. There is no problem with being a democratic, free trade nation. The migration issue today is caused by Commonwealth Migrants coming by family reunification and through exploiting the Indefinite Leave to Remain system to gain access for the first comer in any family. Due to the incompetence of the Labour government; family reunification for 3rd World Migrants will guarantee hundreds of thousands a year. The only way to deal with this would be to cancel membership of the European Convention on Human Rights. This is not linked - directly - to the EU, the European Court of Human Rights is an unaffiliated body,

This cartoon was dull, alarmist and ignorant. I give it ZERO.

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8 months ago #9498228        



"I'm from Denmark. I am critical of Islam because the vast majority of terrorist attacks are committed by Muslims in the name of Islam."

You're exactly the kind of guy who seventy years ago would be talking about how fundamentally horrible Japanese culture is because look at them mannn.
All your information is so blind and shortsighted, its amazing you can even type without hyperfocusing on what you did in the last five minutes.
I'd add Germans to that, but your Danish border with them would actually maybe humanize them for you...maybe.
Of course if its seventy years ago we wouldn't be wondering what you thought of Jews either.

"Many modern Muslim countries have atrocious human rights records"

This is most of the world, including parts of Europe. Yet more signs you are of incredibly provincial mind.

"there is no defending that."

Naturally you think this is because of Islam somehow. I dunno, is Russia a repressive oligarhy run by a KGB mafia man because of Orthodox Christianity? In fact vitually all of the Orthodox Christian countries are much poorer, far more corrupt, and much less democratic then Protestant and Catholic countries of Western Europe. So I wonder then, I guess that form of Christianity is also bad and rotten somehow to you.

"And as I said, religion in those countries is simply much more influential than in the West."

This is bullshit and entirely dependent on which countries are being talked about both in terms of "the West" and the Muslim world.
You also say it with the intense ignorance of someone who thinks the current status quo has historically been the case in "the west".
If you took a plane right now to Arkansas you'd find it culturally martian to your native Denmark in the religious sense.

"I know what I think."

But you don't know its ignorant and clueless.

" Stop making assumptions about where I get my views."

Honestly it doesn't even matter really, because factually and logically alike your views are garbage.

"The thing that bothers me the most when it comes to accusations of racism is this: It's always about how WE treat THEM. It's never about how THEY treat US. Goodnight."

*frames discussion as a literal "WE VS THEY"* hahaha

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