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Brexit to the right 29 6, 8:23pm

@SvalTheBard Redoing the referendum simply because you got lied to? And lost? The UK gonna do referendums until either side wins with 60%+ votes?

It's called manipulation and being gullible. And it worked wonderfully on the younger generation with no experience at all with politics. The media have obvious agendas, and so does politicians. The Liberals and the Left have unfortunately been lying ever since the beginning. Had you at least listened to people such as Nigel Farage and his arguments you wouldn't be so fast as to jump the gun.

Besides. Everyone who have half a brain would do their own research, their own fact finding and come with a conclusion on their own, and not let the media and what people around you decide for you.

But once BANKERS start vouching for either side, worry. They have ONE agenda: Money, power and control. They are not interested in the public. They don't give a shit about anyone but themselves. Neither does the Elite.

Personally I am glad the UK is going out. The EU is a sinking ship, politically, socially, demographically and economically.