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Brexit to the right 29 6, 9:42pm

@Yakamaru No one's asking you to, it's just a comic. That's a comic with character reactions, it's not necessarily her own opinion, and it is 'anti-democratic' to attack her and call her work bs. just because you're upset her characters don't think like you do. If she *is* against Brexit, that's her choice, but this isn't her representation of HER opinion, it's a comical representation of how stereotypical personifications of countries are responding to Brexit. And they are comical stereotypes, because I've been to Norway several times and I have never seen someone walking around with a fish on their head. Not once. If someone has a picture of that, I'd love to see it.

I appreciate that you're trying to stick up for England's decision, but not like this, mate. We don't need people getting offended on our behalf; we're very capable of doing that ourselves. We're also very good at sticking up for ourselves, I promise, we are a wily bunch of cynical, sarcastic b*st*ds. But if you do have any ideas of what England can do after the EU, please direct them to the English Parliament, 'cause they haven't got a clue. At the moment, not many of us seem too convinced that leaving the country in the SOLE care of fear-mongering, lying English politicians who answer to no one is much better than when we were subject to a union of fear-mongering, lying politicians from other countries who answered to each other.

And because of that, this comic is hilarious. If Monty Python was still a thing, they'd be coming out with something similar. I expect Have I Got News For You already has. And I didn't read the comic as, 'Brexit is the worst idea ever,' I read it as, 'Lots of countries think this is a bad idea and we've pissed off Scotland and Ireland' - which is VERY true, check the news.