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Brexit to the right 30 6, 5:20am

Let get some things straight:
- Everything said in the comic is true (no this is not up for debate)
- a large part of the pro-brexit vote was based on racism, misinformation, and fascist like nationalism
- The EU is not and never was oppressing you, nor is it undemocratic
- 53% of a vote is not a large enough majority to justify a decision like this ESPECIALLY when when Scotland voted "no" universally and many people are coming out stating they did not understand the true meaning of the vote. That is not true Democracy, that is a technically of votes base misinformation and English bias.
- There needs to be a another vote, one where all three kingdoms of the UK being on board with the idea and there is at least a 60% majority pro-Brexit for it to past. The and only then can you claim is the democratic will of British people, in till the you call of democratic are completely hollow.