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Brexit to the right 30 6, 7:38am

@Myrica The Euro is not connected to Britannia, but it will directly affect everyone once it fails on its own. The Euro is affecting every country in a negative way. The Euro will not affect Britannia directly, but it will affect every currency.

You do not force different countries that are different in every single aspect onto a common currency. Especially not on a country with an unstable country. Not on a country that does not meet the requirements. Numerous bailouts because the EU forced currencies on unstable countries. I believe the next and last bailout will bankrupt the EU.

And if you force a common currency onto a country with an unstable economy both the Euro and the country will suffer, but the country will suffer a whole lote more. The Euro does not allow for the currency's value to fluctuate, to allow the economy to adjust for the fluctuations to prevent problems, and to make sure the economy is going in the right direction: Up and positive.

Once Britannia leaves the EU, the Euro will take a massive hit, as Britannia is around 10-12% of total trade, if there were to be no trade deals, Britannia would only lose £25 billion. The EU would lose £42 billion. In trade. Not to mention on tariffs, regulations, etc. The EU will lose a lot more. The Euro would take a much larger hit, as there are countries that have pretty much stagnant economical growth. Affect the Euro, affect the countries. It's all a huge domino effect.

However, this is only if the EU decide to be morons instead of sensible adults and negotiate much better deals with Britannia. Norway have trade with the EU as well, however these is rotten and needs to be fixed. Same as Switzerland, but theirs are actually better.

Britannia also pays tens of billions in Pounds to the EU. Simply for being a member. This will also hit the EU once Britannia leaves. Once it does, I would recommend watching the Euro closely.

^ 2008 Irish vote. The Irish people, Prime Minister of Ireland and the VAST majority of the EU Parliament were against forcing Ireland into the Lisbon Treaty. The non-elected beaurocrats just used the backdoor, causing an economical shitstorm.

Whoever say the EU is democratic have no idea on how it actually work. How all the different factions and Presidents work. Who the Presidents and members of the EU Parliament are.

The EU is not answering to anyone. There is no way to politically influence their voting and law processes. Hell, most of the laws are made behind closed doors. Netherlands, France, Denmark, etc have on several occasions had majority vote on opting out of the EU. They were all ignored. Several times.

The Lisbon Treaty is practically a constitution but made to sound nice. "The European Constitution" does not exactly sound good, does it? And if you are in it, you WILL follow laws, legislations and policies or there will be consequences. A lot of them. If you are an EU member, you will most likely be forced into it regardless of popular vote.

This is the kind of crap Nigel Farage have had to deal with for 17 years. Non-elected beaurocrats who force laws, legislations and rules regardless of the majority vote and against the people's wishes.

I believe it was the 2005 Lisbon Treaty when it was made that Nigel Farage stopped being nice guy and decided to call the EU out on their anti-democratic bullshit every time he had the chance, and boy did he. Every week.

Some may call Nigel Farage rude, but he is right every time, and so have all his predictions. I would recommend watching him take the EU on their stupid shit. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, to name a few.

Whoever say that Nigel is a fascist, racist, etc are all morons. They do not even know the crap that Nigel deals with on a daily basis. In the EU fucking Parliament.

Up until now the EU have forced upon EU members 72 legislations that pretty much everyone in the EU Parliament voted AGAINST. Nigel and the UK voted against all of them. 90% of them were forced through regardless of vote. And this will continue unless the EU are stopped.

At this rate the EU will turn into Russia, basically.