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Brexit to the right 29 6, 11:40pm

Where Europe and Asia end geographically is actually still a completely manmade concept based on fairly arbitrary things. That Turkish Thrace is Europe but not the general Marmara area and Aegean coast is some silly shit. Like seriously, the whole Aegean sea is Europe, but not the east coast? Buh??
All of this is even sillier if coming from people who consider Georgia, Armenia and Cyprus as Europe.
And lo and behold Cyprus is in the EU, a country closer to Syria and Lebanon than it is to Greece.

Its not like I don't disagree that like half of Turkey is Middle East, starting somewhere in central Anatolia, past Anakara I'd say. But the idea that just Turkish thrace is for some totally random reason is super silly.

What makes Greece and the Balkans different than Europe? No you misread me. I'm saying they're part of a distinct cultural sphere that is certainly in part European, and that Turkey is also part of that sphere. At least the western half of it. That cultural sphere also bleeds further east into the Levant in general.
Fact is that whole former Ottoman area has lots of cultural common features. The idea that it just ends at the Bosphorus is silly.