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Brexit to the right 29 6, 10:11pm

"In what sense is the EU less democratic than the UK?"

In that UK at least in words have promised to curb mass immigration, while EU hasn't.

On page 36:

If 56% of the citizens of the EU member states want to limit immigration from outside of EU, and if 34% would want no limits to immigration, then the probability (of representative democracy) that 23 EU member states out of 28 would vote FOR limitless immigration is about 230 parts per billion.

If the standard deviation of polling results is 1,5%, then the confidence bounds for 6-sigma would be 9% from the mean. Even at that 6-sigma confidence border, the probability of 23 out of 28 states voting FOR limitless immigration would be about 1/40000.

So the chances that we are dealing with a democracy are pretty slim.

P: 23 or more out of 28
Method 1. exact binomial calculation: 2.3022e-7 (that was the 230 parts per billion)
P: 23 or more out of 28
p=0.43 (the 6-sigma confidence border, if standard deviation is 1,5%)
Method 1. exact binomial calculation: 0.0000258 (that is the 1/40000)
P: 20 or more out of 28
Method 1. exact binomial calculation: 0.0022 (that is 2 parts per thousand)

Perhaps I should also note that Brussels has had more than 12 months to do something significant about EU external borders and instead they have spent all that time to come up with cunning schemes on how to redistribute.