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Brexit to the right 30 6, 6:41pm

@SvalTheBard You're not listening to what he is saying, are you?

1. He is not promising anything.
2. He is saying that those £35m a day SHOULD rather be spent on the NHS.
3. He is not a part of the Leave campaign.
4. Whether the Leave campaign can actually do good on their promise is up to the government, which also btw, does not have anything to do with the Leave campaign.

He can make suggestions and push for it, but ultimately, he have no power. Nor is he part of the government.

Get your facts straight, and stop taking shit out of context. Not to mention twist what he is saying. There's a reason he does not take any of you seriously because you are HEARING what he is saying, but not listening and understanding.

Instead of blindly listening to the media I would recommend trying to get to actually find facts.

^ Full clip, which the "Independent" did NOT add. So I call bullshit on your claim.