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Brexit to the right 29 6, 10:04pm

@GracieTheGlaceon No. I am stating facts. And the facts are, the EU is a failed experiment. And so is the Euro.

Continued bailouts. Only 11 out of 28 countries with a GDP that is actually growing, the rest is either stagnant or have a negative growth. Forcing a common currency on countries with an already unstable economy, not allowing it to correct itself is outright dumb and will affect everyone.

You are allowed to voice your opinion regardless of what it is.

What I DO NOT enjoy are people not even bothering to look up facts on both sides and their arguments and stating things, out of context, without looking up whether things are true or not. Not to mention blindly following the opinions of others, especially the media and politicians.

When bankers start taking a side, worry. Worry a lot. They have only one agenda: Money, power and control. Banks HATE uncertainty and instability.

Suggestion: Listen to Nigel Farage and his arguments. You'd be surprised how right he has been over the 17 YEARS he's been a member of the EU Parliament.

Economy or freedom. Pick one. You can't have both.