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Brexit to the right 30 6, 11:22am

@SvalTheBard Third referendum? There won't even be a second.

The bankers, just like the Left Liberals, listened blindly to the media without questioning it. Of course they freaked out. The bankers hate instability. But, here's the thing: Currencies fluctuate all the time. This was inevitable. But it will recover. And now with the EU not being able to drag the UK down economically and politically, there will be a lot more money to be invested on domestic issues such as housing, healthcare, etc. Once the economy really start taking off, the banks will say that they were voting for Brexit the entire time, or won't say anything on the issue.

Nigel Farage did not say anything of the sort. Prove it, with a video of him saying it. He is an MEP, not MP. He has no authority, nor is he a member of the UK government.

Nor did the Leave campaign made a actual promise of the £350m a year to the NHS. They did campaign for it, yes. But until Article 50 is actually invoked, Brexit can't do shit, as they do not have any power whatsoever. So until then no one knows what they will actually do.
^ Please tell me where it says "promise". It doesn't.

However though. It's not even been a WEEK since the referendum. We most likely won't see any changes for perhaps a minimum of 3 months.

Honestly I'd try and get Farage into the Parliament. He knows his shit, and and have been correct on every prediction so far for the past 17 years. He also fought for the UK and its citizens in the EU Parliament who absolutely HATED his guts, which a lot of the clips from the Parliament no doubtedly show.