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Brexit to the right 29 6, 7:28am

Kind of guessed Humon would be on the Anti-Leave side.

I'm disappointed as Humon manages to mostly be objective and make a comic which both sides of an issue can laugh at. Things that she could have done to do so would be to include Wales being on England's side here as they voted for leave as well. And we in Norway aren't panicking. We're a bit worried, a bit scared, but we aren't panicking. Actually what is happening is that some in Norway are now pressing for a discussing to leave the EEA and join a trade-deal like Switzerland has now. Various people have proposed this. Our politicians are against Brexit and most of the media, but I find that most of us Norwegians are for Brexit or we're split on it. And though Norway might be bit against Brexit, all the other EFTA-nations are saying this brings oppurtunity.

Other things would be to include countries that would like to follow Britain's example, like the French who are discussing an exit, the Dutch who are discussing and exit, the Czech republic who are discussing an exit and even Belgium which is discussing an exit. Or that a certain non-European country *cough**cough*Turkey*cough**cough* is about to join and wants to flood Europe with their.... "workers".

And of course, you should have Russia in the background smugging and folding his hands saying "Goood, gooood". Have Scotland and Ireland cry over the result demanding a revote, threatening to leave Britain, while Wales and England celebrate, high fiveing and with the BBC which speculating that this will trigger the end of the world.

And I'm surprised, and disappointed, that Switzerland is not in this comic. They're also outside the EU. Iceland who is also outside the EU, would also be supportive as you have the Icelandic president praising Brexit and saying it's good for Norway. ( That would fit well into this, having Iceland trying to calm down a very nervous and uncertain Norway

All this would make for a better comic which both sides of the debate could laugh at and enjoy.