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14th June 2018
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9 months ago #9773160        


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9 months ago #9773844        

As an American, I literally have never related more to brother America than in this moment.

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9 months ago #9773255        

I believe the general consensus is we're living in an onion article.

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9 months ago #9773373        

Today Babyhands-In-Chief did an interview with FOX talking about how Kim Jong Un is so respected in his country, that when he speaks people sit right up and listen... and how he wants that from his people.

Anybody with the tiniest bit of world knowledge knows that Kim's people sit right up, because they'll be shot or imprisoned if they don't.

This is not funny. This is not a joking matter. This is a frickin' line in the sand, where people --Democrat AND Republican-- need to formally chastise him, and say "No, we do NOT do that sort of thing in America." And if you don't think he's serious about this (because SOMEONE got through to him and made him say it was a joke), remember that he bullied the NFL into making patriotic displays of standing for the anthem mandatory. THIS IS NOT NORMAL, THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!

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9 months ago #9773264        

As a person who has been watching this whole show from day one, I can say that this accurately portrays wtf is going on. Most Americans at this point are just watching this going down, eyes wide with bewilderment, and wondering if this is that universe where everything is a parody of itself.

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9 months ago #9774011        

Scandinavia ATW is in no way obligated to be sensitive to the ideology of American conservatives. Anyone who feels offended by these light jabs needs to do one of two things.

1) Realize that no ideology is exempt from criticism and grow thicker skin.
2) Go back your safe space

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9 months ago #9773370        

"Are mods deleting comments that have anything positive or defensive to say of Trump?"

Not per se. The vast majority of active posters here simply happen to be people who don't like Trump.

And I'm not the one who deleted your comment, just in case you'd start speculating things.

9 months ago #9773033        

Some of us in America are getting “outrage fatigue”.

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9 months ago #9774386        

Trump goes on and on about how he'll stand up to North Korea, calls Kim names like a kindergartener, very much tries to establish himself as Kim's enemy, then gives him exactly what he wants, free rewards for zero effort... Really showin' a lot of backbone there, fella...

Living in the USA is basically just watching as everything slowly burns down and, whenever somebody tries to put out the fire, some rich guy convinces all the idiots in our country that there either is no fire or that THEY will put it out even while they openly fan the flames.

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9 months ago #9774194        

I miss the old Satw comics, about the silly things the three countries do

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