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Play date 2 7, 2:34am


I know you don't understand it.
But I also know there is Google translate and other means to easily translate text online.
So I fully expected - and intended - for you to get the message. And I'm happy you did. :)

I notice you however feel the need to yet again stroke your own ego, by pretending it was somehow an achievement of yours to google the translation of one sentence in a language foreign to you.

Unfortunately I have to begin correcting you immediately as "skithög" isn't actually correctly translated into English as "shitbag" but as "shitpile".

I and most other people would think that kind of small mistake is quite acceptable from what we know to be non-native speakers.

But not you of course - because you're a smug little dick who's sense of self-worth stems from belittling others.
So I felt I really HAD to make the point that you where actually wrong.
You know that feeling, I'm sure. :)

Now that was one sentence mind you - not hundreds of them.
Just imagine how much tiny little shit I could find in all of that if you where forced to reply in a non-native language to you, and I was as tiny a little dick as you?

But fortunately for you, you'll never have to experience that as you by dumb luck has been given the benefit of having the lingua franca of our time be your native language.

Some native born English speaker are humbled by realizing that, and acknowledge the fact they have a huge advantage talking to any non-native English speaker.

Other are dicks and use their advantage to belittle others - like you do.

"You appear unable to distinguish between is and ought. You believe that things will happen a certain way because they *should*, and interpret someone saying that they *will* not as that person saying that they *should* not."

One of the differences between you and me is that I stand squarely for democracy against tyranny - while you make excuses for tyranny.
You hide this behind the kind of vaporous semantic nonsense you posted above, where you pretend to be some impartial intellectual bystander in this choice.

But no one can be a bystander between democracy and tyranny - either you support democracy, or you support tyranny, if only by you inability to plainly defend the first. And you chose the latter camp.

You're one of those the Soviet propaganda labeled "useful idiots" during the Cold War. You undermine democracy with your empty intellectual masturbation where you make every argument the Soviets did (and the Russians are now doing again, under Putin).

Democracy is an anomaly in human history, it's not really something we should expect to last, one shouldn't resist tyranny as success isn't guaranteed, don't even bother voting, it's almost guaranteed to be useless anyway - you hit all the note the Kremlin want to see western idiots like you do.

"You seem more concerned with being right than you are with finding the truth, which probably explains why you are quoting only from sites that are known to agree with your positions. Seriously, MSNBC. The Guardian. Vice. Are you even trying here? What's worse, you didn't even take the five minutes it would have taken to check that the studies the articles referred to actually said what you wanted them to. I doubt you are unaware that the press can distort the results of scientific studies, which means that you are simply attempting to avoid challenge."

You couldn't find the truth if it hit you over the head - the fact that you pretend that US Republican voters are generally better informed then Democratic voters are proof of that.
You're clearly cherrypicking only the evidence you think support your ideological beliefs - and now you project the same accusation onto me.

Attacking mainstream media sources is a classical move of undemocratic extremists - but even so, this attempt by you is unusually weak.
MSNBC? I've linked to videos from them of REPUBLICANS speaking out against their own party, in their own words - how on earth do you pretend that the source makes their message biased?!
Your inferred claim that the exact same words spoken by the exact same people on another media platform would make them more trustworthy clearly only shows your not arguing the message here, but are simply trying to smear the message as untrustworthy, based on the source.

The Guardian? It's one of the leading English language newspapers in the world with a well documented record for excellence. Except possibly to right-wing partisans like you of course.
And I reiterate; attacking the free press - instead of being able to critique what the free press actually says - is a hallmark of extremists.
From the Nazi's and the far-right to the Soviet states to now Trump - and tiny little you.

And finally - Vice? What's that? I don't believe I've ever used this "Vice" (whatever it is) as a source for anything and I don't know where you got that from.

"You interpret everything said to you in the least charitable way possible, including regularly interpreting things in ways actually unsupported by the text in question."

No, I interpret things just like most people do.
Deep down you know this, because you know how most people respond to you. They don't like you.
You try to tell yourself it's because you're so intelligent and people resent you because of it - but in fact it's because you behave like a dick.

The charitable way to look at this is that you have a personality, or some type of neuropsychiatric, disorder.
If this is yet undiagnosed, I'd recommend you to seek professional help to have yourself screened, because if you have a disorder of this kind it may not be entirely your own fault you're such a dick.
With a diagnosis you might be able to get help with social training so you don't end up utterly alone and isolated.

The less charitable way is that you're mentally sound but just a terrible, terrible human being who supports authoritarianism either knowingly on unknowingly - while being a dick towards your fellow man.
In which case you will end up utterly alone and isolated, but that only serves you right as you have no excuse for your behavior.

"Also, I vote Green, you utter moron."

You don't have a chance to prove that, and since you've completely destroyed all goodwill and trust between us, your claim is completely pointless.
But mostly so because even if you DID vote Green - what you've written her is still only apologies for authoritarian rule.

I.E. you might vote Green all you like - but you're still just a useful idiot for authoritarian Russian and far-right propaganda.

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