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Play date 15 6, 12:56pm

@kbdick actually... That hope of yours could be dimming rapidly. The US economy is in a state of strong growth and a positive outcome to the Korea talks does reflect strongly on Trump's foreign policy regardless of what his true intentions are, be they actually chasing peace or a self serving cash grab. Either way this is the closest the Koreas have been to peace since the start of the Korean War.

If this pace keeps up November will look very bleak for those who have made it a life goal to put an end to the cheese puff man, Republican, Democrat... Doesn't matter, those who insisted he was satan reborn will wind up getting ousted. As the public will only see the economy growth and families crossing the DMZ to hug each other for the first time in decades. They'll be obliterated.

Hell a lot of people were actually talking on various social media sites (even a few blue check marks) that a nuclear war with NK would be great because it would oust Trump... Which regardless of your opinion they're still advocating thousands and potentially MILLIONS of deaths by nuke just so they can play some moral superiority over how evil Trump was for letting it happen.

It's a dangerous situation for the left in the US. It's either take his side, pray for his failure, or lose everything. Hell even if Trump does fail more people would probably wind up sympathizing with him because of the media outlets dancing in the street over all the dead bodies and how Trump's to blame.

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