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@ProfNekko What a silly conclusion you're going for.

You're saying ''Closest the Koreas have been to peace'', is a both an optimistic and ignorant view of it. As we've been at this junction before in the peace negotiations.

Second, if foreign policy is to be a ''winning'' area of the Trump presidency, then he is failing spectacularly. As what he does in negotiations with a nation of 25 million does not matter much compared to damaging relations with the countries largest allies and trading partners numbering several hundreds of millions of people, and the largest markets for american goods and services. Not to mention a trade war with the second biggest economy on earth, China.

Both allies and enemies of the US is answering to the sanctions making this a totally new point in history, where the worlds largest economies are actually uniting against the US policies. You ever heard the expression divide and conquer? Well the US has made a new one, Unite and fight, basically uniting the only powers capable of hurting US economic interests instead of allying with one and fighting another.

''a lot of people'' is basically you talking out of your ass. Lastly one can agree with Trump pardoning people without accepting his presidency as anything other than chaotic and incompetent.

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