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But that was Saint Reagan, hallowed be his name! Of course he could do no wrong!

(And one can add that it was done in violation of the Iran embargo and behind the back of not only the American people, but Congress, which had passed a law expressly forbidding the Reagan administration from supporting the Contras.
So the Reagan administration broke not one, but several both US and international laws in the process.)

(So I agree with you. @ShoggothOnTheRoof 's comment should read "any Democratic president". Republican president can weather much more scandal, as their voters conveniently don't give a shit about what they do. Hell, even Nixon had a pretty firm support amongst Republican voters until the Republicans in Congress turned on him when the tapes where released.
But that was back in the days when even Republican politicians had a spine and a sense of shame. Now that's long gone of course.)

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