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No revolution or rebellion in history ever won because it was well armed - that's just one of many stupid talking point put out by the NRA to defend their employers the gun manufacturers "right" to make huge profits selling guns.

Look at all of human history, and what you'll find is that when revolutions or rebellions against a government do succeed, it's because they won the support of the nations own army (or a foreign army, supporting them).

That's because no matter how well armed a civilian militia is, they will still not defeat professional soldiers with proper training and discipline.

And that's especially true today of course, when military technology is so much more advanced then small arms.

If the pathetic US militias that dream about taking on the US government ever rose up, they wouldn't stand a chance of course against tanks, jet fighters or cruise missiles.
No matter how many AR-15's they stockpile in the bunkers in their backyards.

But every gun they buy nets the weapons manufacturers a nice little profit - which is why they have their lobbyist the NRA push the message to keep buying more guns, any way they can.

Including pushing that nonsense about people arming themselves to take on the government.

And yes - there is definitely "enough people in the US" to swamp the Republicans completely.

The US has extremely low voter turn out rates compared to most other democracies - in the last presidential election only 55,7% of the electorate actually voted.
But almost all Republican voters did - because the Republicans have been driving their supporters to the polls with the use of fear for decades.

Republican voters fed on Fox News and other right-wing media are told that life as they know it will end if the Democrats win anything.
Democrats healthcare will kill grandma and they'll confiscate all guns, they'll flood the country with Muslim extremists and legalize bestiality and a thousand other horrible things will happen.
So Republicans vote as if their life depended on it - because they believe it does.

So the vast amount of the people that doesn't vote aren't Republicans and if they'll ever vote it will be for the Democrats.
And Trump just might be awful enough to get more of them to the polls. This November will give an indication of that.

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