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Play date 1 7, 10:19am

@Nisse_Hult Calling me a shitbag in a language you didn't think I'd understand? Classy. And also over the line for me.

Allow me to indulge in a little ad hom of my own:

You appear unable to distinguish between is and ought. You believe that things will happen a certain way because they *should*, and interpret someone saying that they *will* not as that person saying that they *should* not.

You seem more concerned with being right than you are with finding the truth, which probably explains why you are quoting only from sites that are known to agree with your positions. Seriously, MSNBC. The Guardian. Vice. Are you even trying here? What's worse, you didn't even take the five minutes it would have taken to check that the studies the articles referred to actually said what you wanted them to. I doubt you are unaware that the press can distort the results of scientific studies, which means that you are simply attempting to avoid challenge.

You interpret everything said to you in the least charitable way possible, including regularly interpreting things in ways actually unsupported by the text in question.

And you immediately resort to childish insults, attacking the arguer rather than the argument.

In short, saying your English must be bad was me being nice, because the other option is that you are deliberately doing everything you can to avoid actually engaging with any disagreement with your ideas. In other words, you are entirely closed-minded and act as living proof that delusion is possible across the political spectrum.

Also, I vote Green, you utter moron.

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