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Play date 25 6, 10:12pm

@Nisse_Hult Dude, what are you talking about? I think you've missed my point entirely. As I said, the way America is portrayed I do not have a problem with. It's the way the EU is portrayed that gets to me. All of the points you made are completely irrelevant, except for maybe this one: "It's not that Europe or the EU is perfect - it's that it's simply competent"

I'd beg to differ. I'd also beg to differ on another point: "The EU - both as a community and as individual nations - have the same kind of problems every nation always had and always will have."

That last point is especially concerning because it completely plays off all the problems of the EU as unimportant, nothing the world's never seen before. That sort of mentality is what allows for the continuing degradation of Europe through the authority of the EU. The problems the EU is facing are not small, they're not easily fixed, and they're not so entirely common throughout history in regards to any long-prospering nation (yes EU isn't a country, you get what I mean).

Continued economical struggles, large influxes of unskilled workers with different cultural values, increased censorship, increased crime, are all problems nations in the past have had, that is true. These problems aren't exactly going away, though. They're increasing, they're increasing steadily, and little the EU has done to try and solve it's issues. Many of it's problems aren't even acknowledged as problematic by many, many leaders within the EU.

And I'll mention it again just to get the word out there because it'a such an important topic, articles 13 and 11 both completely stripe fair use, the thing which allows for memes, parodies of songs, political commentary, and so many other aspects that make the internet an amazing place. That's so competent, isn't it? The EU politicians are such sane actors, aren't they? I mean, in the midst of so much chaos in Europe, they decide to not waste any time and pass this extremely sane bill that will definitely solve problems and not create more, am I right?

No nation is sane. No government is competent. No monolithic, bureaucratic conglomeration of several nations with different economical communities, cultures, and ideology is ever a hub for sanity in the world.

And yes, I am consuming propaganda. So are you. So is OneOfThemOregonians. Propaganda is everywhere. It's in every political movement, every opinion, every news report, intentionally or unintentionally. Every society runs on propaganda. I know that seems an insane statement to make, but it's kinda true. No one perspective can give the full picture of reality, but only a few perspectives is what most people listen to through no fault of their own, but simply because they're human.

Anyways, nice chatting. No promise you'll get another response because I'm not sure I'm ever gonna visit this site again, not really my cup of tea. Does have some pretty funny comics though.

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