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Play date 16 6, 4:49am

Today Babyhands-In-Chief did an interview with FOX talking about how Kim Jong Un is so respected in his country, that when he speaks people sit right up and listen... and how he wants that from his people.

Anybody with the tiniest bit of world knowledge knows that Kim's people sit right up, because they'll be shot or imprisoned if they don't.

This is not funny. This is not a joking matter. This is a frickin' line in the sand, where people --Democrat AND Republican-- need to formally chastise him, and say "No, we do NOT do that sort of thing in America." And if you don't think he's serious about this (because SOMEONE got through to him and made him say it was a joke), remember that he bullied the NFL into making patriotic displays of standing for the anthem mandatory. THIS IS NOT NORMAL, THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!

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