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Be careful what you say 12 7, 8:24pm

In the early-to-mid 20th century, Swedes classified us Finns as Mongols or something, probably at least due to the fact that many Finns (especially eastern and northern ones) have a shorter skull in the back-to-front direction, not a long European skull. When a Finnish woman won the Miss World title in the early 1950's, Swedish tabloids cried "Mongol Won Miss World" or something like that. :D

We're not mongols really, but it's true that Finns are a bit different from other Europeans "racially", if it can be said that such a thing as "race" exists. There are two Finnish peoples genetically, Eastern and Northern Finns have come from the east, from the direction of Urals, before Slavs conquered it and founded Russia. Southern and Western Finns are genetically as close to Swedes as they are to Eastern and Northern Finns, and they tend to have more "European" features like a longer skull... :D

I wonder if the European, longer skull is originally inherited from the Neanderthals by the way, as they had a bigger and especially longer skull, and Europeans have the largest percentage of Neanderthal DNA in them if I remember right.