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Be careful what you say

Be careful what you say

Some...unfortunet history.

The Scandinavians were pretty convinced that they were the best human race and that everybody else were below them. Especially in Denmark the scientists were very fond of using measuring tools to determine race and intelligence, which inspired Nazi Germany a lot. The Danes who had intended to use the "science" as a base for their welfare system were horrified when they found out what the Germans were using it for and started to realize just how misguided it was.

Nazi Germany loved Denmark though, and because the Danes didn't have an army worth anything, they used Germany's love a lot during WWII to try and help those the Nazis wanted to kill. That's how you end up with stories about Danes shipping 99% of their Jews to safety in Sweden, and how they made agreements with the Nazis that Danish Jews who were sent to camps go better treatment, more food and weren't killed.

As one Danish Jew in a camp said "We got crates with food, letters from our families, chocolate and candy, but the German guards always stole the cigarettes"

12th July 2016

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1 year ago #9503306        



How come Nazi Germany looks so much like England? [Looks at history and current politics....] Oh, nevermind. Carry on.

1 year ago #9503337        



In the early-to-mid 20th century, Swedes classified us Finns as Mongols or something, probably at least due to the fact that many Finns (especially eastern and northern ones) have a shorter skull in the back-to-front direction, not a long European skull. When a Finnish woman won the Miss World title in the early 1950's, Swedish tabloids cried "Mongol Won Miss World" or something like that. :D

We're not mongols really, but it's true that Finns are a bit different from other Europeans "racially", if it can be said that such a thing as "race" exists. There are two Finnish peoples genetically, Eastern and Northern Finns have come from the east, from the direction of Urals, before Slavs conquered it and founded Russia. Southern and Western Finns are genetically as close to Swedes as they are to Eastern and Northern Finns, and they tend to have more "European" features like a longer skull... :D

I wonder if the European, longer skull is originally inherited from the Neanderthals by the way, as they had a bigger and especially longer skull, and Europeans have the largest percentage of Neanderthal DNA in them if I remember right.

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1 year ago #9503305        



My husband's grandfather helped smuggle Danish Jews (and the police) out of Denmark.

He was walking to work one day, when the Nazis pulled a man out of an apartment building and just shot him dead in the street. The man had the same name as my husband's grandfather, and he felt guilty the rest of his life that a man was murdered on the street. He knew the Nazis were looking for him (and he was eventually caught and sent to a concentration camp in Germany)

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1 year ago #9503744        



Comic about nazis, phrenology, eugenics, gas chambers, implying Greenlanders as inferior race... no biggie, how interesting, 80 comments. Comic about Brexit... holy flame war, over 1000 comments. :D

And my favourite question is, that do you know where Finnish Jews and "inferior people" run away or what happened to them? Nowhere and nothing. When Nazis asked us to hand them over, we simply said "No". And Nazis were like "Erm... okay then". Somebody has to wear trousers in the Nordic family. :)

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35 F
1 year ago #9505180        



Race is an arbitrary and artificial concept. No racial group is more or less intelligent than others.

The only time that cranium size and shape are a factor in determining intellectual capacity is when the cranial vault is affected by an underlying neurological disorder like severe microcephaly or hydrocephalus in children and adults.
In newborn infants, severe microcephaly is a symptom of a severely damaged brain, since the brain is too underdeveloped to expand the cranial vault.

1 year ago #9503973        



Beyond the whole Nazi Germany killing people, I can't see how any of it is really misguided. The Nordic race is clearly one of the most intelligent races. The problem is that due to political correctness we cannot have And honest conversation about race:

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1 year ago #9503673        



'As one Danish Jew in a camp said "We got crates with food, letters from our families, chocolate and candy, but the German guards always stole the cigarettes"'

You're welcome. Smoking kills. *ducks*

1 year ago #9503311        



Sweden has a pretty dark chapter on racial biology as well with the State Insitute for Racial Biology operating between 1922 and 1958. The most noteworthy atrocities include forced castration of gypies, among others.

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21 O
1 year ago #9504512        



I don't think you can measure intelligence in a racial group, since the fluctuation between individuals is much, much superior player to that of race groups.

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10 months ago #9565143        



Ugh... this is just retarded. I dont even know how to reply to such ignorance so I'll just say this. Its actually an ACCURATE claim that Europids are much MORE intelligent than nonEuropid races. This is a WELL known fact confirmed in many studies. Equality is a delusion.

Here is a link to a graph that helps others who need a reference.

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