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Be careful what you say 14 7, 5:20am

Both parties had needs, as is usually the case.

"On our own land, in Lapland war. There were 3 times more of them. We won."

They were attempting a general evacuation during half of that war, and just holding remote frozen areas during the other half. From territory they had no serious interest in holding outside a resource they later deemed not worth it. Finland was attempting to kick them out ASAP because you had shifted into peace with the USSR. This was not a war with the Nazis in the real sense. And was a completely unsustainable fantasy on their part.
This was going on in the thick of Nazi annihilation on the Eastern Front, nothing about Finland mattered at that point to them.
This is completely incomparable to the Danish situation in every sense.

"We fought much bigger Soviet union. In Winter war there were no nazi or any other help and Soviet Union was not busy fighting anyone else, it was mano a mano, when they tried to take over us. They failed."

They got Karelia, and this was a badly weakened USSR after years of military purges by Stalin. Their armies were in crap shape.
If the USSR of 1944 invaded Finland they would have defeated you. what does this have to do with the subject?

"No matter how you look at it, this is the case. We will never surrender and we DO say NO. "

The case is that Finland only ever dealt with Nazi easy mode. If even that. You would have surrendered just the same as everywhere else of your stature if they had truly wanted to invade you. They never ever did, and you are lucky for that. Blessed by geography and not some cartoon national character. You could even put up a fierce fight, but they would win.
And then your politicians at best would do what Denmark did. Or at worst...well the holocaust would have had more victims. Of course a world where the Nazis would seriously invade Finland would mean a Sweden already conquered, so I don't know where you'd send your Jews.

"This is still true today, we don't give a damn about who's around, we are not giving up our land nor we extradite our own citizens."

Every Finn who would have said this and believed this is a good Finn. They would also be a dead Finn. The Nazis had at best a vague idea of Finns as Aryan. You would have quite possibly experienced the Eastern European treatment and not the Western European treatment, especially given your border with the USSR.
And then the USSR would have occupied you afterwards and made you the Finnish Peoples Republic as part of the East Bloc.
And that's reality outside of your nationalist romance.