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Be careful what you say 14 7, 9:51am

Actual Axis members were reluctant (sometimes to begin with, sometimes eventually) to be in the Axis. Hungary started out happily but ended up a puppet when Germany didn't actually allow them their own mind on things.
Bulgaria never wanted to be bothered but joined to take the heat off, and then managed to actually do even less than Finland while IN THE AXIS, which I personally find incredible. They never even declared war on the USSR in spite of constant requests to do so. Let alone take part in Barbarossa.
Hell even Romania, which was ruled by a bastard whose regime took pleasure in committing its own atrocities against Jews, started bucking Hitler when it got slighted in some diplomatic messes. And got away with it too.
You keep acting like her and myself are demonizing Finland by stating the truth that it was an ally of Germany. But the only one arguing within a black and white framework is you. The reality is alliance with Nazi Germany while bad, was a very complicated thing that does no imply full allegiance with the holocaust or even the war against Russia. Hell Jews were fleeing in droves to get to Italian controlled territory because they knew the Italians had no taste for the Holocaust at all. Neither did Horthy Hungary, and Bulgaria.
Actual Axis members, but god forbid someone point out Finland was a loose circumstantial ally that wasn't in the Axis.
No one was even throwing around "wrong" or "right" except as pertains to your collection of inaccuracies.