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Be careful what you say 14 7, 7:30pm

@real-cool-cat dude - or girl - aren't you overreacting a bit to this?
No one said that Finland did a poor job in defending themselves. They're simply pointing out some things and details as to how the victories were made possible. How Finland used the enemy's lacking abilities for their benefit - that's the way you fight wars, after all. You gain the advantage - not specifically in numbers, but in whatever way you can find.

They also just pointed out that the Allied forces DID in fact provide some help for Finland. Was it enough? Probably not, but they DID send some. They didn't completely ignore Finland.

Is it because of the USA that Finland still exisist? Of course not. No one ever claimed that. Should you be ever so grateful to Americans? No, of course not.

Of course the Lapland War was a war. Again, people are just pointing out that there was lots of wars and battles during WW2, and that the Lapland war - while important to Finland - was not that important in the history of the over all war.

Finally, no one is calling you nazi - people have made that quite clear on several occassions. Finland was not invaded by Germany, but instead chose to work with them. Does that make you nazis? No. Does that mean that you had some sort of alliance? Yes. You made deals. You agreed to work together to a certain degree. Does that mean Finland was full of nazi-supporters? No. Finland wanted the land that Russia had stolen, so they allied themselves with an enemy of Russia. That's all, and no one ever claimed differently. It had nothing to do with nazis, it was all about land. However, that does still mean that Finland chose a side in the war and it was to fight alongside the Germans - at least for a while.