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Be careful what you say 17 8, 11:47pm

[ Plains Indians did none of this stuff dingus, they lived like steppe nomads. ]

You should check again.
According to google search: siouan sweat lodge is a thing.
Was also at aztec and olmec and other mesoamerican peoples.

"The ancient Mesoamerican tribes of Mexico, such as the Aztec and Olmec, practiced a sweat bath ceremony known as temazcal as a religious rite of penance and purification."

[ Yet being so insanely nationalistic in your own continent that Estonians are completely entirely unique snowflakes. ]

Estonians are not unique.
Estonians are the ancients.

[There is no sauna culture in the US. ]

We aready established that there is.

[ Other super insano cold areas also do not have sauna culture. ]

They do.

[ They are in fact pretty brown lol. The ones in Minnesota certainly are. ]

That kind of brown is usually called red, not brown.

[ And what the sexual intercourse is a "white lifestyle". ]

The lifesrtyle that brings about light skin.
You know, like brown bears and polar bears.

[ I thought Estonians were special snowflakes, are you now saying you live exactly the same as Greeks and the Irish or whoever else? ]

I am not saying that.
I am saying that estonians best represent ancient europeans - be it irish or basque.
Greeks have always been more mixed (circum-mediterranean) and thus a borderline case.

[ And what the sexual intercourse is a "white lifestyle". ]

Living in an environment similar to the environment of the whites the way whites live.

[ Here's the 411, pale skin is largely an adaptation to areas with low amounts of sun. ]

Except that it isn't.
The arctic native peoples are a bit more dark - their lifestyle and environment is a bit different from the whites whites.

[ And other mixed local dietary and environmental factors over the course of a long ass time. ]

Yes, as I have said repeatedly.

[ The US in general gets more sun than Europe, let alone your part. Regardless of temperatures. ]

Which is why native americans have their own adaptations, including their own skin colour palette.

Have you taken an Earth Science class EVER?