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Be careful what you say 13 7, 6:26am

@HiljainenPerkele There is such a thing as race, but it is not to be confused with species, race has little to no effect on anything really except, as you said, some variations in appearance such as muscle placement and bonestructure, culture however is a much bigger factor than race in all aspects and that is what anthropologists of today are arguing for as the main difference between all humans.

Slavs didn't found Russia, they founded whatever it was that was there before Russia, since Russia was founded by the Kievan rus and the Rurik dynasty. Might be, though the neanderthal skull has more in common with a gorilla skull than anything modern human, besides today it is better defined as slight variations in bonestructure than actual differences.

I did not know about the whole Finns are mongols thing, but the Swedes were very fond of eugenics at the time.