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Be careful what you say 31 7, 1:02pm

@brahm Finns are defenitely different, how they otherwise would have created such a society.

The Huffingtin Post , the blog 07/06/2016
Finland Is Still the World’s Best Kept Secret
"I am going to list the areas where Finland is considered a leader in the world, and provide links to the data."

1.Education. Finland has been recognized over several years to have one of the top education systems in the world. Depending on what ranking you read, it is often ranked first.
2.Happiness. It may be hard to believe for a country that spends the winter in darkness, but Finland is ranked 5th in happiness.
3.Prosperity. In spite of its economic stagnation of late, Finland is ranked 9th in prosperity.
4.Innovation and Technology. According to Bloomberg, Finland ranks first in research personnel, third in research and development and postsecondary education, and fourth over all innovation categories.
5.Most literate. According to the latest ranking, Finland is the most literate country in the world.
6.Least corrupt. According to Buzzfeed, Finland as the least corrupt, least failed state, best country to be a mother, and Helsinki as the most livable city in the world among other leading categories.
7.Mobile Games. Finland has been called the games start-up capital of the world. Rovio, maker of Angry Birds (which has just been turned into a successful movie), and Supercell, maker of Clash of Clans and Hay Day, are just two of the successful mobile games companies from Finland.
Greenest. Since it tops the Environmental Performance Index, Finland is ranked as the greenest country in the world with the least amount of pollution.
8.Most sustainable and least fragile. Finland stands alone as the only country in the “Very Sustainable” category.
Cleantech. Finland is recognized as a world leader in Cleantech.
Human Capital Index. Finland tops the rankings of the Hunan Capital Index.
9.Most competitive. Finland has been ranked as Europe’s most competitive economy.
10.Information Technology. In 2014, Finland topped the rankings for the second consecutive year for embracing new IT.
11.Most socially progressive. According to the Social Progress Index, Finland is the most socially progressive country in the world.
12.Many other categories. Finland also leads the world in per capita coffee and milk consumption, saunas, and heavy metal bands. Some might think this weakens the points above, but others believe it strengthens them so I have included it.