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Be careful what you say 15 7, 5:06am

What do you mean by Nordic race? Because white people are Nordic, but Sami people are even more Nordic. They have very different cultures and different facial structures, but which one is the Nordic race? White people first came from farther down Europe, so actually the Sami are the first and primary Nordic race. And if you want to include both, you're going to have to bring in Korea too, because the Sami get a lot of their facial structure and genetics from Korea and that region. Are Brits part of the Nordic race? Because a chunk of them came from Vikings but an equal chunk came from the French, and some more from the Spanish.
If you just mean "white people", think again of the Sami before you say "Nordic race". Skin color is about Vitamin D absorption, not intelligence. If you're talking about a culture being intelligent, that has nothing to do with race as people of all colors can be raised in cultures of any kind and adapt perfectly. The Nordic countries are very advanced places, but it has literally absolutely nothing to do with race. It has to do with geography, farm-able land, domesticated animals, being high on the food chain, lack of natural disasters, many options for agriculture, and the temperate zone. i recommend the book "Guns, Germs, and Steel" if you want to learn more about why certain regions advanced more than others.