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Be careful what you say 14 7, 9:59am

'@sagas' This could be and has been argued but okay... I must correct my misconceptions, so let me get this straight, how did this go again, tell me if I'm making a mistake:

1. We were facing with 4 million population almost 300 million population, but this cannot be represented like this, because the situation was so unfair, since Russian officers didn't have enough time to practice how to fight in a war like we did. And one of their 1,5 million soldiers had a tummy ache. And because they only had machine guns, fighters, bombers, tanks, but not a single laser weapon or cruise missiles, so poor, bad quality Russian army.

2. We were Nazi allies since we accepted their assistance to take our soil back.

3. The Soviet army was in so bad shape that they could only reach Berlin and invade half of the Germany and therefore we should have been able to take over the whole SU with one battalion, but we sucked so much.

4. USA was generously helping us so much and in fact we poor things would've lost if it wasn't for US army there fighting with their planes and tanks on our soil and easily defeated Russia for us.

5. Lapland war was not really a war, we were there eating pickled herring sandwiches and drinking schnapps shots with Nazis and singing March of Erika and all the casualties there came from alcohol poisoning and accidents in pillow fights. Burning of Lapland was just our drunken mishap.

6. I'm a nationalist. And an evil Nazi. And I should be embarrassed and grateful to USA for coming here to rescue us.

Sounds about right now? Happy? History corrected?