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Be careful what you say 14 7, 5:35am

'@sagas' Erm... Lapland war was war. Lot of people died there. There were 3 times more Nazis. And that's just nothing?

And in Winter war, our army was in really bad shape. It is called "Model Cajander", if you want to check it out. Not even proper clothes. Russians had Snowmobiles, we only had horses. Material difference is so unbelievable, 30 tanks against 6541 tanks. Difference in manpower was also astonishing. And you are telling that WE had an unfair advantage?

I don't know should I be insulted or flattered, "There's only ten Russians armed to their teeth against one Finn in pyjamas. That's so unfair... for Russians".

And two things you got completely wrong. 1. I am not a nationalist. Nationalist people here call me hippie. I'm a social democrat. 2. We still wouldn't surrender.