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Be careful what you say 23 8, 10:17am

Look here pal. I'll have you know that your inferior monkey people with their ancient storied civilization know nothing of the higher civilized intelligent discourse of the noble Europeans.
Such as the Estonians. Oh yes subhuman, the ESTONIANS. Where do I even start?

A well heeled nation of bog dwelling alcoholics who didn't have the written word until the 13th century. Whose cities and towns were almost without exception founded by the various colonizing overlords that took over their bogs in that same century.

Whose incredible golden path through history starts in the high days of being disorganized tribal woods dwellers eating fish, herding deer, worshipping random crap, and probably also having sex with reindeer.

Next comes that illustrious 13th century through 20th century period of being a wet cold patch of mud, toothless peasants, and trees passed around by German knights, Swedes, and Russians on their way to conquer actual important places.

And finally the earthshaking foundation of the first actual Estonian state of any kind after Russia shat the bed and fell apart. Lingering on a few years and probably most of the world not noticing they even became independent. Being taken back again by Russia. Then being taken again by Germany, with a little too much cooperation in killing Jews to just call it compliance. Back again into being Russia's front door closet. And then wiggling out when Russia once again shat the bed and fell apart, into the major world player we know them as today.

Yes even the little children know Estonia as "Did you make that one up?",
or "Isn't that the place in Dilbert?",
to "Just how many ex-Yugoslav republics are there??",
and of course "Crappy Finland".

So the next time you in your *snort* rice hat ride your *haha* oxen to the river, and you see a Russian in an adidas jacket squatting and throwing cigarette butts at pigeons while speaking slurred Finnish?

That my friend.... is an ESTONIAN. And you should bask in the light of what a higher order of human looks like.