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Be careful what you say 15 7, 2:48am

"Reason we didn't surrender is not that we are so much more brave, but because we knew that death is better option than being under Soviet rule."

So did the Poles, Romanians, Czechoslovaks, East Germans, Hungarians and so on. In fact the Poles of that bunch including Finns probably knew it the best of anyone. And the East Germans had FAR more to fear than the Finns. There is nothing that would have natively prevented a 1945 takeover by the USSR in Finland excepting western power intervention that probably would not have come anyway.

"If you were a little boy there in invaded village, watching from hideout seeing while your father gets beaten up by Russian soldiers, then shot, just like your pet dog that if shot first in tummy and left weeping, your mother and sister being raped before killed and your house burned with your sick grandma inside, and you managed to run away and grow in the times of war to be old enough to fight at the front, you'd knew that there is no such option than surrendering to Red army."

And I repeat, same for the Poles, Romanians, Czechoslovaks, East Germans, Hungarians and so on.

"It's not like surrendering to Nazis and eating sauerkraut and drinking schnapps with soldiers, dancing on the table in lederhosen."

You're describing the Western European experience of Nazi occupation. Not the Eastern European experience of Nazi occupation, which was every bit as brutal and horrific as the Soviet one you just described. Worse even since the Nazis were also committing genocide as they went. Are you so sure Finland would have received the former and not the latter?

"these murdering and burning villages happened in Chechnya and Georgia also in modern times by Russian soldiers, after media in West had people believe that everything's now fine there."

lolllll, does Finnish media say that everything is fine in Russia and in Ukraine and Georgia? Because American media sure as hell doesn't. So yeah your "media in West" can go take a hike. And I'm honestly a bit disturbed here that you seem to think the Nazis were nice polite occupational troops, and just the Soviets were nasty. Nothing says nice polite occupation like Generalplan Ost!

"The word 'nationalist' is in people's minds here synonym for neo-nazi. Neo-nazi's here call themselves nationalists."

Well ok, but I'm using the word by its definition? So...

"You obviously haven't seen any footage from our front in winter war or any other of our wars but let me assure you that none of those was easy by any definition, my great granddad and many of our people's fathers and grandparents died there and it was not because they were having so much fun and easiness there that they blew up they funny fuse."

And I repeat, you don't really know anything about WW2. The Winter War does not even begin to compare to well...that whole rest of Europe south of you. I'm not saying it was nice. Far from it. I'm saying....things going on elsewhere? You apparently have no concept of how apocalyptic it was.

"You are severely insulting the memory of our heroes and wiping your ass with their memories by claiming something that even sounds like that."

My grandad fought in the Koreas, my father in law was a literal refugee from ethnic cleansing in Cyrpus, but watch this superhuman feat I'm about to do.
The Korean war, and the 74' invasion of Cyprus, were nothing compared to WW2.
The only way this could insult you is that you have zero perspective.

"I believe that you sincerely have now idea how rude and inconsiderate you are, I'm used to that from many, especially young Americans and that's okay, there are cultural differences even in conversational cultures, I try to co-exist with all sorts of people, accepting their existence and their behaviour that seems ill-mannered to me."

Manners have goddamn nothing to do with it. You are refusing to acknowledge the level of violence that defines WW2 because you are refusing to let anything be worse than a conflict long past relatives of yours died and fought in. Which is patently ridiculous.

"I'm a patient man and I have a sense of humour of an Englishman"

No you don't. The English are self-deprecating!

"So if you would be so darling little angel and shut your sexual intercourseing piehole, since I'm really starting to get an actual headache."

It's not me who killed 1/4 of Belarus or commited the Rape of Nanjing, so I don't know why you're mad about those happening and being worse than the Winter War by thousands of magnitudes. Shame on other people for suffering in tremendous unthinkable horrible amounts of ways.
Seriously, what is this, the pain Olympics??