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Be careful what you say 15 7, 7:38am

'@sagas' Okay, it seems that not only you keep forgetting what you are saying (to me, what you are implying is the same as saying, I grew up in the hoods where it was healthy to take the slightest hint fast), but also what I have said. I will now tell that you can stop your mindless babble and go sexual intercourse yourself and that I'm hereafter ignoring you.

Take this in any way you want, I'm sure you probably think you have now really showed me big time, and great if that makes you feel any better about your ill-behaviour. But just to state my mind, this is what I think of the origins of your arguments:

Again, take this anyway you want. I just don't want to get from you all 99 of those, because then I am compelled to start singing. :D