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Be careful what you say 14 7, 6:18am

'@Vilkku92' Wow, that's a lot of blabla... And highly inaccurate.

Lot of countries gave some material help, including Sweden. But if west allies would actually agreed to support and supply us, we wouldn't have to become "Evul Nazyes" by accepting Germany's machine guns and methamphetamine pills.

In both wars, there were also Estonians, Swedes, Norwegian, Danes and all sorts of small groups all over the world voluntarily fighting with us. They were in our command. Nazis were allowed to use our land and they were not even in our command, nor were we in theirs. It's not like we agreed to something like "You get the Leningrad, we get the Moscow". We only wanted back our own land. That's defense. If someone hits you and takes your wallet and you hit back and take your wallet back, that hardly makes you the perpetrator?

And Germans were the ones who burned the Lapland in Rovaniemi area, not we. Lapland war lasted 7 months, before that they could've go voluntarily and they didn't, and you are saying that they were leaving? Hoh. Listen to yourself, you're delusional. Either that or Putinist.