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Be careful what you say 14 7, 7:58am

'@Vilkku92' Germany and Soviet union fought about ideologies, communist and national socialist. Germany just managed to be the first to start, somebody always is. And to me it appeared that we fought the communists and I had a reason to believe that if Soviet union managed to beat us, we would've made communists, whether with autonomy or not.

To be Nazi ally (liittolainen) instead of having common enemy and therefore being brothers in arms (aseveli), we would've had government that is national socialist or fascist (like Italy, Nazi ally). I just have hard time to see things that way. We just took what was offered to us, anything that would make us achieve that goal. Nazi's air strikes in our airspace helped us not to get butchered.

I think it's wrong to say that we were attacking Russia when we are attacking on soil that was internationally acknowledged to be ours. Just like saying that we are stealing wallet when taking back what was stolen from us, without taking anything else.

I did read incorrectly the burning of Lapland part. Lot of text. Of course I read fast, I'm an axis-ally Finn, I'm an evil Nazi, here drinking Nazi coffee with Nazi milk and Nazi sugar, what did you expect?