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Be careful what you say 15 7, 6:52am

"Do you have many battles in mind that had same odds as Winter war? I sure as hell can't think a single one."

I have definitely heard of plenty through my readings, but I don't know if any of them showed such clear cases of moving the goalposts!

"You are saying that I don't have perspective?"

You do not have perspective.

"Well let me put Winter war in perspective for you. It's like pasific ocean would be a dry land of great superpower, western neighbour of United states and it's population would be 22 billion people. Neither side has weapons of mass destruction. This other country is going to invade you and you will not receive help from NATO or nowhere else because they are so scared of this immense country that they are passing out."

Do you have short term memory loss? Because I think you are already repeating the lie you did earlier about Finland receiving no foreign support.

"This other country has about 200 times more tanks than USA and they arrive violently and with masses. Oh yes, and their weapon technology is better than yours and they have lots of them."

Sounds a bit like the Revolutionary War. Thankfully the French helped us out and the Brits had lots of disadvantages that occupying armies tend to when in the home turf of even a weaker enemy.
Anyway, what was the point of this tangent? I think you're trying to suck me into your nationalist sentiment based thinking and make me stop actual thinking by making it personal. Well um, naw, no thank you.

"I wonder what your brave nation would be doing, my guess is that you would surrender before they can even pour diesel in those tanks and if you would actually be ready to fight them to the last man, that what the outcome of that battle would be."

I thought you said you weren't implying that Finns are brave human supermen?

"And I would guess that if you could, you would accept material help from Satan himself, kissing his hairy balls in humble gratitude. And let him use your country for air strikes. But you still would feel little uncomfortable to be called Satan's little minion. "

Ally = minion. Nobody has said Germany made Finland into a puppet state.