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Be careful what you say 18 8, 4:46am

"[There is no sauna culture in the US. ]

We aready established that there is."

No sorry there's not. You clearly have little to no idea how marginal and barely existent the native american population is across the US. We're not Mexico where Spanish culture meshed with native, native culture was pushed aside and wiped out pretty much fully by the European colonizers and pioneers. We didn't inherit sweat lodges from any tribe, they're (like most Indian things) a tourist display for non-natives on reservations or near them. And no major amount of immigration occurred from sauna having Europe. The only place such things show up is bath-houses and clubs like that which are uncommon to say the least, and not even used in the way Finns and Finn Jrs (Estonians) use them.
So point being, the whole comparison as attempt to prove anything about black Americans is retarded.

"They do."

Cool, show me all the sauna culture among Siberian peoples from the Mongols upward. Also even asserting saunas imply cold culture is completely wrong. You yourself are busy asserting Meso-American sauna you have any idea how hot and sweaty Meso-America is just like on a normal day outside?? Parts are even straight up tropical rainforest lol.
So if saunas code for winter ubermensch to you, I guess Mayans are also such people.

"That kind of brown is usually called red, not brown."

I understand Estonian textbooks are not necessarily up to date on anthropology, but yeah no one calls natives "red" anymore and haven't for quite a while. Either way, they damn well aren't pale lol.

"The lifesrtyle that brings about light skin."

Describe this lifestyle.

"I am not saying that.
I am saying that estonians best represent ancient europeans - be it irish or basque.
Greeks have always been more mixed (circum-mediterranean) and thus a borderline case."

Hey look, another pile of imaginary psuedo-science. From you?? I'm shocked, shocked!

"Living in an environment similar to the environment of the whites the way whites live."

Europe does not, and never has had, a uniform climate, vegetation, average temperature, or really anything absolutely at all. Not all Europeans for instance live in depressing bogs like Estonians do.

"The arctic native peoples are a bit more dark - their lifestyle and environment is a bit different from the whites whites."

Because there are other factors, in every environment, dingus. For starters arctic people are not that much more dark on the whole. And even as they are, it should be very easy for you to see the actual theories anthropologists and genetic scientists have about this, and not loony quacks like yourself.

"Which is why native americans have their own adaptations, including their own skin colour palette."

This dude is literally from like 1910. NATIVES ARE NOT ACTUALLY RED.