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Be careful what you say 8 8, 11:47pm

"Native americans practice saunas and ice swimming as well."

Plains Indians did none of this stuff dingus, they lived like steppe nomads. lol at talking about native Americans as this huge single group, where groups who lived in the deserts of Mexico are apparently the same as groups who live in the Arctic circle. Yet being so insanely nationalistic in your own continent that Estonians are completely entirely unique snowflakes.

"Next up - ice swimming blacks after a sauna."

There is no sauna culture in the US. Other super insano cold areas also do not have sauna culture. This has nothing to do with being from or used to a cold place, and everything to do with your little Finnic northwest Europe area developing that practice.
This is like me insisting that urban environments aren't real urban environments without good Jazz music. It's the same level of nonsense.

"Well, the native americans are not black or brown either."

They are in fact pretty brown lol. The ones in Minnesota certainly are.

"So some adaptation is still necessary."

There has I think never ever been a scientific theory put forth that pale skin has anything to do with temperature. Come on, this isn't hard at all champ. Even Humon made a comic about the reason.

"If the blacks and reds adopt the lifestyle of the whites,"

Indians are not actually "red" and no one refers to them as such anymore. And what the sexual intercourse is a "white lifestyle". I thought Estonians were special snowflakes, are you now saying you live exactly the same as Greeks and the Irish or whoever else? Other parts of Europe have zero shit to give your stupid sauna obsession. Even cold parts. None of this has anything to do with race.

"then they inevitably eventually would become whites."

Genetics and physical traits are pretty much literally magic to you aren't they. Here's the 411, pale skin is largely an adaptation to areas with low amounts of sun. And other mixed local dietary and environmental factors over the course of a long ass time. The US in general gets more sun than Europe, let alone your part. Regardless of temperatures. Yes crazy man, these are different things. Have you taken an Earth Science class EVER?