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Be careful what you say 18 8, 6:58am

[ We didn't inherit sweat lodges from any tribe, they're (like most Indian things) a tourist display for non-natives on reservations or near them. ]

Regardless, you are what you eat and where you live and what you do.

[ Cool, show me all the sauna culture among Siberian peoples from the Mongols upward. ]

The mongolian cloud houses.

yaranga and polik

[ You yourself are busy asserting Meso-American sauna you have any idea how hot and sweaty Meso-America is just like on a normal day outside?? ]

Below the human tolerance limit of the wet bulb temperature.

[ So if saunas code for winter ubermensch to you, I guess Mayans are also such people. ]

I guess you missed the fact that olmecs (pre-mayans) had sweat houses.

[ I understand Estonian textbooks are not necessarily up to date on anthropology, but yeah no one calls natives "red" anymore and haven't for quite a while. Either way, they damn well aren't pale lol. ]

Skin colour palettes of whites and reds are overlapping.

[ Describe this lifestyle. ]

The lifestyle of europoids.

[ Hey look, another pile of imaginary psuedo-science. ]

Quite the contrary.

[ Europe does not, and never has had, a uniform climate, vegetation, average temperature, or really anything absolutely at all. ]

Nor does Europe have to have one uniform climate.
That is why science uses climate zones and hardiness zones and biotope zones. For dummies.

[ Not all Europeans for instance live in depressing bogs like Estonians do. ]

Which is why estonians are representatives of ancient europeans, not merely representatives of ancient estonians.
Bog and snow and ice adaptation calls for relatively large and flexible feet - and estonians have that. The bigfoot.