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Be careful what you say 16 7, 5:28am

It is you who are mistaken, I am afraid. Subspecies are races.
The races of white polar and brown bears have coevolved over millennia.
So have different subspecies of mammoths.
So have different subspecies of hominids.

And I have read that afro-africans and east asians have more trouble with their offspring, europeans (and indians and arabs) being the (missing) link between them.

You are an example of the social phenomenon trying to trump over actual scientific research with made up "facts".

[ Neanderthals were a close species/subspecies to Homo Sapiens that was absorbed by our species with absolutely no adverse effect... ]

Wrong again.
There were adverse effects accompanying the intermingling.
In fact, a large share of eurasians still suffer from those ill affects.