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Be careful what you say 14 7, 7:30am

I did not say we were the ones to burn Lapland, I said we made them pissed off enough to have them burn Lapland. They did, in fact, try to go voluntarily, but because Finland had been issued a tight schedule for the disarmament of German troops in our soil by the Soviet Union, they could not pull out before Finland was forced to attack them in order to prevent a Soviet intervention. It should be noted that it takes some time to withdraw an army of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and all their supplies and equipment strewn across a large area without an extensive network of good roads.

Nazis were not in our command, yes. Unless, of course, we're talking about those units we sent to Lapland to help the Germans, who indeed were placed under German command. Similarly German troops sent to help Finnish forces in the southern half of the country were placed under Finnish command. We did not agree to anything like what you suggested, but we did agree to let Germans do all the fighting in the northern half of our country while we focused on the southern half. We also kept in contact with the German commanders, which led to us making our plans together with the Germans. The Germans actually informed us about the planned date for beginning of Operation Barbarossa and we planned our own attack with that date in mind. The Germans also supplied us with a lot of war material, including fighter planes, tanks, assault guns and anti-tank weapons. Also, we still let them deploy over 200,000 of their troops into our country and let them use our country as a staging ground for an attack against the Soviet Union, which is not something you are supposed to let non-allies do. For a country that wasn't allied with Germany we sure did act like we were.

Now, I don't actually recall making any kinds of statements as to whether or not we were right in trying to take back the lands we lost, nor do I remember saying we were the perpetrators in the war. I also don't recall saying Russians were right, which I believe is required for me to be a Putinist. You said that the western allies didn't help when, in fact, they did, just not as much as they maybe could have nor enough for us to make it on our own.