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Be careful what you say 14 7, 12:59am


We asked weapon supply and support from Britain, France and USA. Which they refused because they were scared that Stalin gets angry. We didn't refuse when Herr Hitler offered us guns again. We had common enemy, we were not allies. We even refuse to invade Leningrad, we just wanted back what Soviets stole from us.

We fought soviet union, (4 million population vs 293 million) first alone in Winter war. Rooskies failed. In continuation war, Stalin thought they will invade us in 5 days. Instead they fought 5 long years without success.

And THEN we fought Nazis in Lapland war. Which was a piece of cake compared to Russia and they lost relatively quickly. 75 000 Finns vs. 214 000 Nazis, so only three times more of them. We have never surrendered to anyone, our land can be occupied when you pull it out from our dead fingers.

So to be fair, Finland could say no, because there's no invading the gatekeeper of The North, the mighty Heimdall on the Bifrost. :XD: