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Be careful what you say 24 7, 11:42pm

"After which most black people have naturally adapted and become white people."

This is astoundingly retarded for countless reasons, but let's explore the two most obvious.

1. The black people are already "adapted".
2. THE LOCALS AREN'T WHITE PEOPLE DINGUS. I'm not talking about Estonia I'm talking about Minnesota, you think the original locals are white? God, this more than most things reveals how psuedo-scientifical you are.

"Are they getting whiter already? "

NO. White skin is not some de facto adaptation to cold to begin with lolll.
Nevermind that the locals ARE.NOT.WHITE. Famed white ethnic group, the Sioux!

"They are not fully adapted yet if they can't stand 100+C sauna and immediately after that +0C water."

You literally think of human beings as Pokemon. Jesus christ you're sheltered from reality.

"We can continue the discussion after those afro-americans have hoisted at least as much ice swimming medals in world championships as have estonians. "

Nobody in North America does ice swimming let alone black people, so yeah what a currrazzzy coincidence that a collection of countries in north/east Europe who have this dumb sport are the ones who are good at it. This is a hilarious example of correlation being mistaken for causation right here.