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Be careful what you say 14 7, 3:57am

Its not actually implying anything about Greenland natives, though she probably should have come up with a way to show this as 1930's Denmark rather than modern Denmark because it does kind of come off that way without realizing that.

You're being silly though about the Jewish thing. The Danes did marvelously well on that front, and it's incomparable to Finland's situation. Denmark was invaded and occupied by the Nazis. There was no such thing as saying "no" to them. Finland meanwhile was never invaded or even truly threatened by the Nazis (heck they needed your help against the Russians so that would have been counter-productive). You could afford to say no, and also get away with it.
Your example fits with other loose allies of the Nazis like Bulgaria. They were geographically far away from major Nazi concerns for the most part (like Finland), and their Tsar also happened to be a smooth operator. So they got away with never sending their (native) Jews to the Nazis, even though Hitler and his men kept pressuring them to do so. And this was an actual signee of the Axis pact!
Denmark was too close to play that game, and so too were other Nazi occupation zones and allies. Hungary (an ally, not even an occupation like Denmark) tried saying no many times, and eventually Hitler straight militarily occupied the country and installed a pro-Nazi fascist regime. And only then did Jews start being deported from Hungary.

Had Finland been literally next to Germany, you would not get to say no and get away with it.