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World in Trouble 10 8, 8:07am

Cyprus, Georgia, Moldova, Somalia, Azerbaijan all beg to differ on Korea being the last split country.
As does China (and some Taiwanese), and Serbia if you ask them.
Cyprus especially is incredibly reminiscent of Korea with a fairly even split into a "South" government and a "North" government. They even feature the old German curse of a split capital city.

Of course most of those examples are ethnic or provincial separatist movements that have some degree of success and subsequent refusal of recognition from the central government, rather than two different governments competing for full control of a country like in Korea.
But the whole Taiwan situation is basically like an incredibly comically lopsided version of the Korean conflict.
Like in Korea the two rival governments control more or less 50/50 of the contested land.
In China, the two rivals governments are um....well one government controls....China in its vast wholeness. And the other one controls the island of Taiwan and a few little doodads near it.
Like if North Korea had pushed the South Korean government into only controlling Jeju.